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Save Big Movers offers moving services to customers in Bellevue, WA. We are a Bellevue moving company that provides a full range of moving services designed to meet your moving needs. Save Big Movers will do our best to offer you the cheapest, and the most efficient service available.

Save Big Movers is an independent Bellevue moving company that has years of experience in both local and long distance moving. Save Big Movers provides safe and secure storage facilities. You will find reliable, well trained, professional and experienced movers here at Save Big Movers.

Our most important goal is customer satisfaction and we save our customers big on transportation costs. We understand that each company or individual has different needs and requirements and we handle each shipment with utmost care and attention. Our Save Big Movers can carry out your important belongings easily and smoothly with transparency. All you need to do is relax. We never charge hidden costs! That is why you can save big with Save Big Movers!

Our Services

Save Big Movers Bellevue offers a wide range of moving services, which is why we are a trusted name in the local Bellevue community. We aim at making your moving experience as smooth as possible by sparing you from the tiresome and tedious tasks that come with the process. We value the trust you put in us, so expect us to go the extra mile for you.

Local and Long Distance Moves
It does not matter if you need to move across the street or to a different state. Save Big Movers Bellevue assures quality services in both situations. Our years of experience and daily routine has made it easy for us to systematically and quickly relocate our clients.

You can opt for moving locally if the distance between the source and destination is under 20 miles. If otherwise, i.e. the distance is more than 20 miles, our long distance movers will take over. While we maintain the same high quality of service for both, their processes are different. As your belongings require more security when moved across longer distances, we take extra measures and add more steps to get them to your new home, office, plot, or store.

Residential Moves
Residential moves occur due to a number of reasons, such as kids growing up, kids moving out, or a new job. Regardless of why you need to move and to where, Save Big Movers Bellevue promises to handle the whole process professionally. In addition to our relocation services, we take extra care while wrapping and packaging your belongings so that they can reach safely to your and their new home.

Commercial Moves
Commercial moves differ from residential moves. If you want to change the location of your factory, plant, research facility or farm, you need specialists like Save Big Movers Bellevue on the job. After all, you need only the best to relocate your delicate and sensitive equipment or heavy machinery. Besides, these need special packaging and loading\unloading to protect them and others around them. As one of the specialists in commercial relocation, trust us to protect your documents, computers, and servers from falling into the wrong hands. We also go the extra mile to do things quickly so as to not hinder your operations for a very long time.

Office Moves
While it is not an easy task at all, companies do feel the need to change the location of their office from time to time. If you want to expand your office area, pay less rent or move to a better part of the city, call Save Big Movers Bellevue. We can take care of moving everything in your current office, such as furniture, computers, printers and other electronics, without at least a scratch on these. As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of securing your data and important and sensitive files. That is why when we move these with extra care. You can also have our experts pack everything from your soon-to-be-former office and unpack them at your new office according to your instructions.

Retail Moves
Retail moves require a lot of planning and work as there are electronics registers, inventory products, and a lot of cases and racks involved. Moreover, retailers need packing services as well as help setting up their new stores. As these take much more work and time in comparison with the other types of moves, many moving companies ignore such assignments. That is not the case with us.

Save Big Movers Bellevue has years of experience in moving retail shops and stores. We even enjoy the challenge this type of move has to offer, which is why we are different from others in our industry in Bellevue City. That aside, we understand that the longer a retail shop remains closed, the more our customers will lose money. That is why we offer extremely fast moving services without compromising on quality.

Packing and Unpacking
There are a lot of things that you need to do before moving, including transferring your children’s school records, canceling utility bills, and informing your business partners about your new location. With so much to do, we offer to handle the packing and unpacking aspects of your move. Not only can we easily pack and unpack your belongings, we can ensure their safety as we guarantee that the boxes will not give way. You can rely on us for quick service as well as we understand the value of your time regardless of whether you are a homeowner, business owner, member of one of Bellevue’s industries, or retailer.

Call right now at (425) 440-2074 and discuss your relocation needs with us. We will come up with a plan that will fulfil your requirements and allow us to showcase our expertise.

About Our Company

Save Big Movers Bellevue offers the best solution for all your moving needs. We provide top of the line moving services that caters to offices, stores, commercial properties, and residences. Our high quality services, combined with our dedication to each client, make us the first choice of the population of Eastside Region of King County.
Due to our extensive experience, dedicated skillset and tested expertise, Save Big Movers Bellevue has a reputable name in the moving industry. Our clients can testify to this fact and it is through their recommendations that we have reached the top of our industry within a relatively short span of time.

Because we take our clients’ trust seriously, we go the extra mile to make moving large industries, entire floors of offices, and humongous retail shops easier and quicker for our clients. In addition to securely packing every bit of furniture, equipment, and even delicate lab apparatus, we will unload and unpack everything for an added fee. We are equally experienced in placing your valuables according to your instructions so that you can quickly resume your life or business operations.

About Our Crew and Trucks
Save Big Movers Bellevue takes pride in its moving crew, which consists of extremely humble and kind professionals who will greet you with a smile on their face and tend to your needs expertly. They are equally as happy to answer any questions you have, so do not hesitate with your queries.

All of our employees are licensed and bonded professionals who are fully insured. Our crew members work tirelessly and energetically. They slow down only when they are done relocating your home, office, factory, or store. Save Big Movers Bellevue believes in absolute professionalism and assisting the client beyond their expectations.
The trucks which transport your belongings are also extremely-well maintained to complement their expertise. They also undergo a thorough padding process to ensure the protection of your belongings. Therefore, by choosing Save Big Movers Bellevue, you will be in safe hands.

Our Guarantees
We understand how hard the average American works to make a living, which is why we aim to never overcharge you for our moving services. We also promise value for money. Our moving crew will not disrupt your working schedule. In fact, they will come to work for you at timings which best suit you.

We will also ensure your peace of mind throughout the process. Our moving crew is also highly experienced in quick and safe packaging and wrapping, so you can entrust them with this task without having to worry about your valuables breaking.

Another guarantee we provide is the freedom to choose the service packages you need. You can also negotiate our services and alter our packages according to your needs. Trust us to provide you a hassle-free move that will make us your choice every time you move.

You can expect a lot from Save Big Movers Bellevue, including:
➔ Free of charge estimation prior to your move and consultation
➔ Assembling and disassembling services for your furniture, appliances and equipment
➔ Easy loading and unloading services for boxes, items, furniture, appliances and equipment of all weights and sizes
➔ A comprehensive moving solution which includes packing and placing boxes and all your other belongings
➔ Quick transportation of your belongings from one location to another
➔ Excellent service in regards to prepping, packing and securing your belongings
➔ Thorough cleanup after unwrapping and unpacking your things to ensure that your new destination remains clean and clutter-free

Because of our services, professionalism, and guarantees, our client base is not limited to Bellevue; we serve the entire King County. What made us earn their respect and business is the fact that we listen to our clients’ needs and plan accordingly. As your trust is important to use, we aim to never dissatisfy our customers or make mistakes that can compromise the reputation that we have carefully built over the years.

We encourage you to give us a call so that we can answer any concerns you have. Call us today at (425) 440-2074 and find out what quality moving services actually mean.

Commercial Movers

Save Big Movers Bellevue is one of the experts on commercial moves, which is why we understand the challenges and difficulties members of the commercial sector experience. Because we know how strapped for time you will be and how quickly you need to resume operations, we will take every measure necessary to effectively pack your things, move them, and unpack them swiftly.

Who Commercial Moving Services Are For
Commercial properties are more complex in comparison to offices or retail stores. This is because they house complicated machineries, intricate equipment, fragile items, and even hazardous materials depending on industry. However, we guarantee the safe transport of all of these to prevent damage to them, avoid harming people and your surroundings, and ensure that you receive the best service for money.

Save Big Movers Bellevue follows the rules set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations and Environmental Protection Agency for moving hazardous material generating industrial grade equipment. We will follow all your instructions as well as industry standards in order to ensure the safe relocation of all of these.

As we have helped many medical centers relocate in the past, we know from experience that their main concerns are the security of their data during the move as well as the safety of their sensitive equipment. Your machines, medical kits, apparatus and your data will be absolutely safe throughout the move. Our crew is always alert and ready to take action to protect your assets.

We also specialize in moving entire farms. In addition to relocating your machinery, we are skilled at handling livestock and transporting it without agitating it. So, rest assured that the animals will not be affected by the move and your operations will not be hurdled.

As hotels are also prominent members of the commercial sector, we offer our services to relocate them. However, moving hotel furniture and other items requires more effort, especially since a single scratch can depreciate their value and compromise its reputation for providing luxury.

These aside, we provide commercial move services to warehouses. As they include a mixture of items, we can easily pack them according to the fragility. Since we tackle warehouses’ needs differently, call us to find out what we can do for you.

Things to Expect During Commercial Moves
Our commercial moves are designed to limit the inconvenience you may experience while relocating your things. Therefore, we take every measure necessary to ensure that your operations are never hurdled before and after you move to a new destination. We have also established a flexible process that allows us to effectively achieve our goals while accommodating your needs.

First off, our estimators will be sent down to your current location so that they can provide you with a quote based on the number of boxes which need to be transported, their weight and dimensions, and any special care or services necessary for the overall process. You are welcome to negotiate the price we quote to you. Your satisfaction is very important to us, so rest assured that we will do our best to reach a price that is feasible for both parties.

Once we finalize pricing our services for you, we will assign a crew to your relocation and share any details you provided with their lead. A schedule will be set for you move and we will collaborate with you to make sure everything is done on time. Your involvement is necessary because we want you to be in the loop as well, Once the necessary packing and dismantling of equipment is over, a procedure we will try to wrap up within three days, we will begin the relocation process.

As part of our standard contract, we will unload your equipment, apparatus, and furniture. However, we also offer to give you a helping hand in unpacking, unwrapping, and assembling your furniture for a fee. As we have years of experience dealing with commercial moves, we can easily assist you in settling at your new location. However, we would welcome your assistance as well. Therefore, we request that you or a representative is available on site so that we can place your things properly, save your time, and help you open your doors for business sooner.
If you feel confused or have any queries about the moving process or how things are proceeding, you are more than welcome to contact us or get in touch with your assigned crew’s leader.

Call us right now at (425) 440-2074 and talk to our representatives about your upcoming relocation. Save Big Movers Bellevue is the right call if you want to properly relocate your industry without any incident whatsoever.

Local Moves

Even if all you need to do is move to another unit, plot or office around the block, Save Big Movers Bellevue is ready to help you relocate quickly, effectively, and without leaving anything behind. We understand that there are several things that you have to think about, which is why we are here to provide the best services for money.

Why Opt for Local Moves
Our clients have chosen our services since they needed all the help to relocate after the following circumstances:

➔ Getting A Larger or Smaller Residence
Everyone wants to buy a house; a lot of the clients who opted for this service are people who are shifting from an apartment to a house. Couples with growing families also opt for bigger homes to accommodate their children. On the other hand, you may be forced to shift to a smaller residence since your children are growing up or because you want a cozy place to live in during your winter years. Regardless of the cause, we can definitely help relocate your possessions.

➔ Adapting to Changes in Your Industry
Members of the commercial sector such as factories and farms need to remain ahead of the competition to ensure their survival. If you want to expand or downsize your operations according to your business’ needs, we can help you move to larger or smaller facilities accordingly. Trust us to take care of your belongings regardless of how fragile they are.

➔ Moving Out from Your Home
If you are finally ready to live independently or if you plan on moving to a hostel on or near your campus, you can entrust is with transporting your things to your new place. We will take every measure necessary to ensure that your belongings reach their destination safely and without a single scratch.

➔ Seeking Better Opportunities
If you need to relocate your store, business or facility in hopes of better pastures, we can help. As experts on office, commercial and retail moves, we can easily move your valuable assets, including the most fragile. In addition, we can take on the packing task so that you have more time on your hands to finalize other aspects. Because we understand our clients’ needs long before they themselves do, trust us to make sure that hauling your things will never get in the way of your work. In fact, you can discuss with us your schedule so that we can customize our services around them rather than the other way around.

Things to Expect During Local Moving
Our estimator will meet with you long before the moving day to calculate the number of boxes you will need to move and consider other factors before quoting a price for the service. You are welcome to negotiate our services’ prices and rest assured that we will try our best to reach an amount that is feasible for both ends. If you need our packing services, we will send members of our crew a few days before you actually relocate so that they can place your belongings in boxes and dissemble your furniture. Our process is both quick and meticulous. Rest assured that your things will be packed with utmost care.

Just because we will be moving your things locally does not mean that we will be compromising on the quality of our services in any way. We will expertly wrap all your furniture in blankets and give glass items extra protection so that they do not break during loading and unloading or the trip itself. Trust us to carefully select the right type of packaging material and expertly dissemble your furniture to reduce chances of damage during the move.
As the time we spend on loading and unloading your items from the truck is less compared to long distance moves, we can easily relocate your things within a day. We will place your boxes in the rooms you designate thanks to our effective labeling system. If you want, we can also unpack and assemble your things so that you can easily come home to a relatively furnished space or be welcomed by a semi-functional office or establishment. Through these perks, we easily achieve our objective, which is to make your local move as smooth as possible.

Call us today at (425) 440-2074 and hire our services if you want to move to a nearby place. Save Big Movers Bellevue is proud to be one of the safest moving service provider in the entire Eastside Region of King County, so let us help you move.

Long Distance Moves

Whether you are moving to the beautiful city of Bellevue or leaving it to pursue your dreams in a faraway place, Save Big Movers Bellevue is your trusted movers because we have a vast experience in dealing with long distance relocation. Whether you want to shift to another zip code or another state, we are your one stop solution.
As the experts, we fully understand how difficult a task long distance relocation is. Not only do you have to shift all your things over a distance of 20+ miles, but you also need to spend your valuable time loading and unloading packages before setting their contents in their new location.

We will take charge of every aspect of your move and try to wrap things up as quickly as possible. However, we do ask that you bear with us for a little longer at times as our goal is to ensure quality services to you.

Things to Do Before Long Distance Moves
Moving your belongings to a nearby location is easier than moving them across the country. The crew moving your belongings needs to take a few breaks along the way. That way, they can remain alert and attentive throughout the journey, ensuring that your belongings are safe. However, you can help us streamline the moving process by abiding by the following practices.

➔ Clean Your House
You will be surprised at how much dirt and uncleanliness adds to the overall weight. Cleaning your soon-to-be-former house, office, store or facility will further help you determine what should go along with you and what you can leave behind. To make your decision wisely, we recommend that you clean thoroughly before giving us a list of things that you want to move.

➔ Leave Out Unwanted Stuff
Moving generally helps in filtering out unwanted belongings. While we understand that certain things have a sentimental value, you will need to sort out things when shifting to a faraway destination. Businesses, commercial facilities, and stores can easily rid themselves of their outdated items through auctions. As you know your industry best, we know that you will easily come up with what to do in this regard.

➔ Start Packing with Long Distance in Mind
Packing for long distance differs from normal packing. While some items can be packed in a normal fashion, others require more effort. Your belongings will be inside the truck for more than one day. However, if the distance takes longer, Save Big Movers Bellevue will take the necessary steps to keep your items safe throughout. If necessary, we will store your possessions in one of our storage units until you reach your new destination.

➔ Stay Connected with The Movers
Save Big Movers Bellevue will keep an open line of communication between you and the crew in charge of moving your things. You will have the contact information of the crew leader = so that you can stay in touch with them. No number of calls are too much; we understand how concerned you are, especially since you have entrusted us with your valuables. Moreover, rest assured that we will always be cordial and friendly every time you call to inquire on the whereabouts of our team.

➔ Arrive Before the Movers
We always make sure to reach on time if not before the schedule we gave you. As we usually provide our clients with our estimated time of arrival, which is calculated using our custom software, we recommend that you arrive before the moving crew. You can contact them before reaching the destination you specified so as to not waste your valuable time. However, your presence is necessary as we need you to overlook the unloading process.

If you need more information on any of these or would like to learn more about our long distance moving services, call us today at (425) 440-2074. Complementing our experience and expertise is our dedication to value, so rest assured that we will provide you with a great quote that is difficult to match.

Moving To-Do List

Though each type of move requires different procedures, Save Big Movers Bellevue has a comprehensive checklist that aims at ensuring that your relocation is smooth and stress-free. If you would rather handle some of the aspects of your move, follow the points mentioned below. However, you can make relocating even easier by entrusting us with the following for a pocket-friendly fee.

First Phase
➔ Know your moving rights from www.protectyourmove.gov before hiring Save Big Movers Bellevue. Though we follow all government set regulation standards, we urge our clients to know what rights they have. We would happily answer any questions you have on these as well.
➔ Call us to understand our insurance policy. Save Big Movers Bellevue provides excellent insurance to complement its services, so rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Second Phase
➔ Once you are satisfied with our services and insurance policy, you can contact Save Big Movers Bellevue to send one of its top estimators to your home, office, or store, free of charge.
➔ Make a list of all the businesses that will require new address information from you. That way, you do not have to worry about untied ends.

Third Phase
➔ Clean out unnecessary items to reduce clutter and be sure of a clean move.
➔ Start packing items which you will not be using at least for a week before moving.

Fourth Phase
➔ For homeowners and business owners: Clean out your fridge. Keep limited food, i.e. only enough until moving day.
➔ Inform loved ones about the move and give them information about your new home’s location and phone number.
➔ Purchase moving supplies such as boxes, packing material, tape, labels, and box cutters if you want to pack and wrap yourself. Save Big Movers Bellevue has these items available as well.
➔ Develop a system to label boxes or let Save Big Movers Bellevue do it for you.
➔ Make a list of all the items that you want moved and provide it to our moving crew. That way, you can cross reference the items moved once you reach your new location.
➔ Develop a room to room packing schedule or let Save Big Movers Bellevue do it for you.

Fifth Phase
➔ Submit a Change-of-Address form to the U.S. Post Office.
➔ Take the list of businesses that required your new address, which you made in the second phase, and send them your new address information.
➔ Finalize the paperwork with the moving company and sign the insurance policy.

Sixth Phase
➔ Cancel all subscriptions and set up deliveries and new subscriptions for the area you are moving to.
➔ Separate your valuables and start packing them up.
➔ Make a plan to move these valuables to your new location. You can drive them in your own car or use a trackable shipping service.
➔ Conduct an inventory of your items and take photographic evidence of them. Though Save Big Movers Bellevue is an extremely reliable moving company, we encourage our customers to do this to avoid foul play.

Seventh Phase
➔ If you are planning to pack on your own, do it before the moving day or let Save Big Movers Bellevue do it for you.
➔ Double-check your paperwork.
➔ Leave a forwarding address for the new occupants of your previous home in case you forgot to inform the senders.
➔ Clean your home appliances and leave them unplugged a day before the moving day.
➔ Fill out your prescriptions and make sure everyone’s medication is accounted for.
Eighth Phase
➔ Turn off the utilities at your former home, office, plot or store, but make sure to ensure that they are turned on at your new destination.
➔ Dispose of hazardous material at the local landfill to keep your move green.
➔ Make a last stop to donate unwanted clothes and items.
➔ Backup your data just in case. Save Big Movers Bellevue promises to keep your data secure during transit; but, even then, it is always better to take precautions.
➔ Communicate with your moving company one last time and re-check the moving time. Save Big Movers Bellevue offers each client a dedicated representative for this exact purpose.
➔ Talk to the crew to give them any last instructions.
➔ Enjoy your new home, office, store, etc.

This list is not perfect, but it gives you an outline of what to expect. The more organized you are, the smoother the process will be. If you want more help, call us today at (425) 440-2074. We can guide you on the type of move you plan so that you can be better prepared for what is ahead.

Office Moves

Whether you want to move to a bigger office, a smaller one or move entire floors, Save Big Movers Bellevue can help you relocate efficiently and quickly. With our years of experience in moving dozens of offices, we know every single thing there is to consider while moving an office.

We can easily pack, dismantle and move your phones, computers, filing cabinets, security system, office supplies, printers, files, data servers, and other valuable equipment. As we understand the value of these for your business, trust us to move them safely and without damaging them. We will also take every measure necessary to protect the privacy of your files and data, ensuring that prying eyes do not gain access to your valuable non-tangible assets.

Things to Expect During Office Moving
Most movers have experience in moving private homes, but there is a difference between this service and office moves. Save Big Movers Bellevue has years of experience in moving offices, which is why our promises for professionalism and convenience are guaranteed.

Once you contact us, we will send over a representative to check the amount of items that need moving and their weight. Based on other factors, such as the number of fragile items and the distance to be covered by our moving vehicles, they will then give you the complete expense report and quote the best price for the job. As your satisfaction is vital for us, we welcome your negotiations so that we can agree on an amount that is feasible for both of us.

Once you are satisfied with the price, a representative will get in touch with you. While we have a tremendous amount of experience in moving offices, we still believe that every office and customer is different. That is why we urge you to discuss your needs with our representatives. Based on our conversations, we will then put together the right crew on the job, one which has experience in moving your particular items.

Office moves can be easily mismanaged, costing your business much more than the price of relocating. For your convenience and to ensure better value for money, we recommend that you take the following steps.

➔ Make Your Own Checklist
We are confident enough to ask you to make your own checklist. While we have our own system of labelling and cataloguing items, we recommend that you make a checklist of your own prior to the moving day. That way, you can check everything once the move is complete. To be more comprehensive, make your list detailed according to the areas the equipment was picked from and where they need to be placed in.

➔ Provide Us with Your New Office Layout
If you want, we can pack everything from your old office and place it according to your instructions. You can rely on our crew to carry out this task professionally. However, we would recommend that you be available at the destination so that we can effectively place your boxes or unpacked items. Though this service will cost you an additional fee, trust us to provide value for money by handling it quickly so that you can resume operations quickly.

➔ Be Present During the Move
We encourage our customers to supervise the move at both sides. We encourage it so that you can rest at ease knowing that everything is being done the way you want it. If you or someone else from your office is there with us, we will minimize any chances of mistakes and assure you of excellent service.
This is another way to ensure that the process of loading items in the truck is quicker. Instead of calling you every time there is a confusion, we can ask you directly. We at Save Big Movers Bellevue believe in giving our customers beneficial and honest suggestions.

➔ We are Here for You After The Move
Several moving companies often do not provide after-services when the assignment is complete. However, Save Big Movers Bellevue believes in being with you at every step even after the moving is completed. If you have any confusion regarding the move or want to confirm a few details, our representative is just a phone call away.
Rest assured that we go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your belongings and prevent their loss. As we have a comprehensive tagging system, all we have to do is check our files to inform you of which item is where. Not only do we keep a checklist, we also keep tabs on where we placed your things after the move for this particular situation.

Make moving your office as easy and convenient as possible by entrusting the whole process to the experts at Save Big Movers Bellevue. Call us at (425) 440-2074 and we will send our representative right away to provide you with a free quote and start the paperwork for a memorable packing experience.

Packing and Wrapping Services

Regardless of how far you are moving or what moving service you require, there is no denying that packing is extremely tedious because there is a lot going on. Because we aim to please and ensure your peace of mind, Save Big Movers Bellevue offers to take on packing and safe wrapping your belongings and equipment.

We have the best packing and wrapping equipment to meet your needs. Whether you want to pack your factory’s laboratory equipment or living room furniture, we have the right set of materials and expertise to ensure that your belongings and valuable business assets reach their new destination in one piece and scratch-free.

We further catalogue everything we pack to eliminate the hassle of guessing which things went where. If you inform us about fragile content, we will add padding within our sturdy boxes and around them if necessary t ensure that it does not break during packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking.

Here are few of the advantages you get when you hire Save Big Movers Bellevue to handle your packing:

➔ Save Time
There is a lot to do when you are shifting from one place to another, and packing is a tedious task which requires a lot of time. If you hire Save Big Movers Bellevue to carry out this task for you, you will have ample time to deal with other important matters such as your children’s school, mortgage issues, utilities, etc.

➔ Less Stress
Nothing is more stressful than packing your entire home only to unpack it a few hours later. People often leave their things unpacked for months after moving into their new home. Save Big Movers Bellevue has a crew that does this on a daily basis, so our people will be quicker at packing and unpacking. Therefore, when you hire our services, we guarantee that your relocation will be smooth.

➔ Experienced Professionals
Save Big Movers Bellevue’s crew has been packing and unpacking for years, which is why its members flaunt experience and expertise. We have a systematic way of carrying out this process, which involves labelling the packages and cataloguing them according to the composition of the items. Our people are experienced at packing sensitive items made of glass. We also follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations while handling commercial moves to ensure your safety, our crew’s, and the surroundings.

➔ 100% Accountability
We have a systematic way of handling every single process, one which we have developed after spending years in this industry and carrying out the same tasks over and over day in and day out. Our routine and experience allows us to ensure our clients of minimal damage to their belongings. For your own comfort, you can oversee the packing process and demand a list of every box’s content from our crew leader. That way, you can check boxes off and conduct a quick inventory of your belongings when you reach your destination.

Our Packing Process
Save Big Movers Bellevue offers the expertise of its dedicated staff to oversee the packaging and wrapping process. A representative from our company will come to your house to inspect the items in question and then have a discussion with you about your particular needs. After this meeting, the representative will then assess which equipment needs extra care.

The time of everything being packed depends on the size of your home/office/facility, number of rooms, and amount of items. Our representative will also assess how many work hours are required to get everything packed, that way we can start the process before the moving day if you have a specific date you need to leave by. Our packing crew will arrive at your home or office accordingly and start emptying your storage spaces as well. After that, your items will be meticulously packed in moving paper and placed in their designated boxes.

We then catalogue every item so that you or we can track your belongings easily . While you have the option of setting your things the way you like, we offer room to room shifting. Through this service, you will feel like your entire room was moved as it is.

Our Wrapping Services
We will treat your property with utmost care. Your furniture will be wrapped in blankets prior to the move and then properly placed on the truck so that it does not wobble or damage other things on the truck. Beds and dining tables are dismantled, kitchens are taken down, and all your electronics and hardware are kept in one place so you can easily find them while unloading.

We will take any measures necessary to ensure the safety of your belongings. We will use special lamp boxes for your all the lamps because they are one of the most common things that break during a move. Your pictures will also be kept in a separate box because Save Big Movers Bellevue understands family values. Trust us to do whatever is possible to safely transport everything at your home, office, store or facility, including applying double layers of protection if necessary.

We suggest that you clean out unwanted things before the wrapping and packaging crew arrives. That way, your things can be packed neatly. As we take pride in being thorough, we follow similar yet equally safe steps for unpacking everything.

Call (425) 440-2074 right now and book our Packing and Wrapping Services. Let us help you with this task to save your time and effort.

Retail Moves

Save Big Movers Bellevue offers its valuable services to members of the retail sector. As we have been offering this service since we first started in our field, we have gained ample experience and can easily relocate the busiest stores. Our experience and expertise, combined with our dedication to ensuring value for money to each client, are what make us the first choice for retailers in the region.

We will gladly take on your inventory, showcases, expensive product items, registers and other things lying around your store. As we understand the importance of keeping a similar layout, if not the same, at your destination, we will reorganize your things according to a plan you provide us before the day of the move. We can also carry out your instructions on site if you are there at your new store’s location.

Rest assured that we will take care of your products, equipment, furniture and counters so that they reach your new store without even a single scratch. We understand the importance of caring for your products because you will not be able to sell them if they are damaged. We have experienced movers in this particular field that take extra care of your merchandise. Our movers are bonded, insured and trained experts with years of experience on handling, packing, loading, and moving even the most fragile items.

Things to Expect During Retail Moving
We do not have a one size fits all packing system because we know that each client’s needs are unique. Therefore, we take a little time to see what we are about to pack and plan your move accordingly. We will also go the extra mile to catalog your belongings efficiently so as to avoid any hassle should you choose to unpack yourself.

For your fragile items, including glass showcases, we will use properly padded boxes to limit their movement during your relocation and prevent them from breaking. However, we do not just stop there. We have padded trucks and offer our expertise in wrapping your belongings to ensure that your store’s fragile necessities reach your new location safe and sound.

Since there is more to retail than just merchandise, you can entrust us with your office equipment and machinery. We move registers, computers, printers and files with extreme care. We also know how valuable your data is for your operations, which is why we take every measure necessary to protect it from prying eyes. Rest assured that your digital assets will not be compromised during the move.

However, there are a few things we expect you to do once you hire our services:
➔ Talk to Our Estimator
Save Big Movers Bellevue will send an estimator to you to analyze the entire moving assignment. We encourage you to have a detailed conversation with our estimator so that they can better understand all your needs. If you have any pricing or moving queries on mind, you can easily discuss them during this meeting.

➔ Make A Checklist
Save Big Movers Bellevue will make its own detailed list of the things its crew will transport for you. However, that should not stop you from making your own. We encourage our customers to make lists so that they can be sure that every single item at their stores has been relocated.

➔ Tell Us Your Store’s Layout.
Instead of going through the trouble of organizing your new store on your own or hiring outside help, we encourage you to share the layout of your destination. With that in hand, we can easily unpack and begin placing your things in no time. If you or one of your representative is present, we can carry out their instructions so that you can open your doors quickly. We know how valuable time is for you, so trust us to quickly relocate you and set your things.

What are you waiting for? Call us at (425) 440-2074 and book our services today. Let us help you succeed at your new location from the minute you move into it.

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